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    Adult Merchant Account Solutions

    The adult industry mostly includes sites distributing erotic or pornographic content. This category also may include platforms that present content in any form – photo, video, or text. In addition, the adult industry includes online stores that offer products for adults, some types of dating sites, adult entertainment websites, etc. This industry belongs to a high-risk area, so opening an adult merchant account can be very difficult. SegoPAY will help solve this problem and offer the best adult merchant accounts on favorable terms.


    Features of the adult industry

    The activities of sites and online stores in the adult industry are legal in most countries, but the attitude towards it from the side of payment systems remains extremely ambiguous. Most companies refuse to open bank accounts for adult sites, as this area provides more detailed oversight of activities and has more complex regulations. Some simply refuse because of allegedly ethical considerations and the risk to their reputation, although this argument is unfair in relation to a completely legitimate area. Therefore, a merchant account is often a real way out for such companies.

    Why do you need an adult merchant account?

    A merchant account is an account that allows a company to accept payments from customers. Since the adult industry involves providing paid content or selling 18+ goods, sites operating in this field require such an account. It allows merchants to receive payments at any time, regardless of when the acquiring bank is open. Considering that payment for goods, subscriptions, or content in the adult sphere often takes place in the evening or at night, this is an important condition for the successful operation of a business.

    Risk factors associated with the adult industry

    The adult industry belongs to the high-risk category. This creates a number of challenges for companies and further increases the need to choose a reliable payment processor. Companies face many challenges, such as:

    • Blocking of accounts for minor reasons.
    • Refusals to open and maintain an account.
    • Increased risk of customer fraud.
    • Higher chargeback rates.

    The only way to prevent these problems is to work with a reliable payment provider that works with companies from high-risk industries.

    Connect an adult payment gateway for your business

    A secure and reliable payment gateway is an important tool for adult payment processing. The payment gateway offers a convenient form for filling in the user’s personal data, and it also checks the bank card data. This helps to protect your company against possible problems and risks associated with payment. In addition, the payment gateway provides convenient adult credit card processing for clients, which will positively affect your company’s reputation.

    SegoPAY is a profitable and reliable solution

    SegoPAY offers customers a convenient and profitable payment service. We cooperate with high-risk companies and provide them with a full range of services. SegoPAY is your opportunity to open a merchant account as quickly as possible. We provide a convenient payment gateway that will ensure secure payments. We offer favorable rates for account maintenance and payments. SegoPAY technical support will find a solution to any issue in a matter of seconds.