What Is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

A high-risk merchant is a seller that is potentially associated with a high level of fraud. There may be many factors for this, from the business niche to a high percentage of chargebacks. In addition, merchants from high-risk countries or countries subject to sanctions are also considered high-risk. Opening merchant accounts for such businesses has certain difficulties compared to other merchants. SegoPAY will allow you not to worry about opening a merchant account, no matter what niche you work in. We will ensure a fast, safe and secure high-risk merchant account opening to keep your business running.

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High-Risk Payment Gateway

Finding a reliable and secure payment gateway to process your clients’ transactions is a difficult task, especially if you’re working in a high-risk industry. The payment gateway is a technical intermediary between the merchant and the payment system.

This service transfers encrypted credit card information and financial transaction information from the merchant to the payment processor, ensuring seamless and secure payment processing. SegoPAY offers a reliable and stable high-risk payment gateway. You can be sure that payments are processed on time and that your business is running smoothly.

High-Risk Credit Card Processing

SegoPAY provides reliable and secure credit card merchant processing for companies that are considered high-risk. We offer several features that are critical for high-risk merchants.

Timely support

In case of any problems, our technical support will solve them as soon as possible. We are always in touch and ready to help.


SegoPAY provides state-of-the-art security solutions to protect your business and your customers. We provide tokenization and encryption of payment data and are PCI DSS compliant. You can trust us with your customer’s card details and your transactions

Anti-fraud tools

Considering that high-risk merchants are more prone to fraud or fraudulent actions on the part of their customers, we offer enhanced security measures. SegoPAY has developed its own anti-fraud system that includes chargeback prevention.

Simple setup

We offer connection via API, accessible documentation, and easy onboarding. You can easily manage your merchant account thanks to a convenient dashboard.

No hidden fees

Our high-risk payment processor offers transparent pricing for card processing for our clients working in any niche. Our managers are ready to answer any questions about commissions and service prices.

Maximum throughput of payments

Our payment routing and cascading systems allow us to achieve maximum throughput. We are working to minimize the number of lost or rejected transactions during high-risk card processing.

Custom payment options

Our payment solutions meet your unique business needs. We offer custom payment forms, payment links, payment buttons, and other services.

Custom payment options

Our tools allow you to analyze monthly sales and conversions and monitor payment flows which is essential for high-risk businesses. With SegoPAY, you can generate reports in a couple of clicks.

Merchant Account Fees

Commissions are an age-old sore spot for high-risk merchants. Getting a merchant account for such businesses is more difficult than for low-risk companies, which is what some payment providers take advantage of, covering their potential risks.

We offer affordable conditions for all our clients and transparent pricing without hidden fees. You can learn more about our commissions by contacting our managers. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and offer the best conditions based on your turnover and business niche.

Instant Approval for High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Contact us in any convenient way and get a quick assessment of the possibilities of connecting payment solutions for your business. To get instant approval of your merchant account, follow these steps:

  • Contact our managers. You can fill out a request on this site or contact us in any other way.
  • Be honest about your niche. You should not provide false information about your company’s activities, products, and services. We can only offer you the best conditions by seeing the full picture.
  • Confirm your assets and income. When evaluating high-risk companies, financial stability is important. If you have production assets, provide our managers with information about them.
  • Show payment processing history. This will help us to see how you have processed payments in the past. Be as detailed as possible in your business and income description, so we can offer you a more accurate rate quote.

High-Risk Merchant Services for Any Credit History

Even if you have a bad credit history and have already experienced refusals from payment providers, you can still connect the necessary payment methods for your site and open a merchant account, no matter what niche you work in.

SegoPAY offers favorable and transparent conditions for companies with any credit history. Regardless of your niche and type of business, we are ready to find the right solution for you and connect all the necessary services so that your business continues to work stably.

How to Determine Whether My Business Is High-Risk?

High-risk businesses are not always about illegal niches. A business can be considered high-risk for a variety of reasons.

New company

For many financial institutions, the lack of extensive transaction history is already a reason to put such a company on the list of high-risk businesses.

Business niche

Above, we have listed the types of businesses that are traditionally high-risk. Their list is quite large, and not always any of these businesses will be actually considered high-risk. However, you will almost certainly face these challenges if you work in the travel, gambling, or adult industry. The reasons for this are the excessive chargebacks that are observed in these niches.

Too much monthly income

Your company may also be considered high-risk if you get $20,000 or more in monthly sales. Another reason for this is the frequent credit card transactions over $500 each.

Frequent refunds, fraud, and chargebacks

The more often you encounter chargebacks, payments from lost bank cards, cancellation of transactions, etc., the higher the risks of working with you for other companies.

Not enough transactions

In order to determine if a merchant account provider can partner with you, it must be able to calculate your chargeback ratio since chargebacks are one of the most common problems in ecommerce payment processing. If you don’t have enough transactions to calculate, you can automatically be considered a high-risk business.

Work in sanctioned countries

If your business operates in countries that are subject to sanctions, it may automatically become highly risky in the eyes of traditional financial institutions.


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